Manifesting a Dream

Something I've been learning lately is about the power of the mind and manifesting. Have you heard of it? It is the principle that discusses how you can actually create your reality with your thoughts. Now it might sound a bit crazy, but I've witnessed firsthand that it works. I never considered that what I was doing was manifesting but I guess now, looking back, it is what I have been doing all along. That, as well as a lot of prayer, hard work and having faith that God wants the best for our life.

Many people have dreams but I think that the main difference from them staying dreams versus becoming reality is to be intentional. What do I mean by this? I mean to make a plan, list or an idea of how you'll reach this dream...have mile-markers.

For me, I've been writing in journals since about 2013 talking about everything from wanting to marry Feliks, to monthly income goals, to fitness goals to business ideas. I write down my dreams and affirmations and brain storm how I'll reach them.

It was about 2.5 years ago when I first opened myself up to the possibility of making this crazy dream reality. Before that, I would think about it and day dream but wasn't really being intentional with it because honestly I didn't believe it was possible.

So what was going on 2.5 years ago? Feliks and I had just come back from living in New York for 1 year, I was going back to school to finish my bachelor's degree (4 years) and we were making very little money which is why my dream seems even crazier but I could not stop thinking about it (still can't!). Around that time is when I first came across people opening traveling accounts on Instagram and I was thinking "if they can do it, why can't we?" although I had no clue how we would possibly accomplish this giant of a dream.

This is actually what encouraged me to talk to Feliks about opening an Instagram account in the first place! I had the idea to do a travel page, but the funny/sad part is that we didn't have money to that didn't work out. I was a little disappointed to say the least but still couldn't stop thinking about it and ways to make it possible.

Meanwhile, Feliks took the idea I gave him but wanted to make an account for his art. At this time, most people weren't doing process videos and Feliks wanted to share his process with his followers. His account exploded in the last 2 years and allowed us to create an online income and share his art with the world. This was not what we were expecting, but it really opened up my eyes along the way to the possibilities that there are now to make a living completely online.

Guys, I am writing this blog post for one simple reason: to encourage you that if we can do this with an art page imagine what is possible for your life!

Once we realized that we could make a living online, more ideas started to open up and all the sudden our crazy dream didn't seem so crazy anymore. From the beginning, it has been a dream of both Feliks and I to be able to take ColorByFeliks on the road and be able to somehow incorporate art and travel since it is one of his biggest inspirations. Not only that, but to be able to meet and connect with some of Feliks' international followers in person! We are so excited to say that we will be traveling through New York, France and Italy starting September. We are planning to be gone about 4 months but don't have a return flight yet so who knows?

Let me tell you, having your own business is extremely time consuming because you never have days off unless you make them. Even then there are always emails to be answered, and things to do if you want to continue to grow! It has been a long, difficult road to get to this point that took a lot of patience but there were also a lot of lessons learned about having a business online. Although it took us 2.5 years (not including the 15 years it took Feliks to develop his art skills) to reach this goal, we wouldn't trade these lessons for anything because they are what allow us to encourage you to keep going & share what we've learned along the way.

Your mind is a powerful tool which can either be helpful or hurtful. Don't let your dreams die! Here are some tips that have helped me when it comes to manifesting a dream:

1. Make it specific: Get specific on what it is you want for your life...consider these things: what, when, who, where, why?

2. Be intentional: How will you accomplish this dream in your life? Need to find another source of income? Need to get your calendar organized? Need to say "no" to some social gatherings to make time for your business?

3. Make it a habit: Make writing down your dreams/goals/affirmations a habit! Review them daily! It will give you an extra push of encouragement to keep going.

4. Keep a positive mindset: Refuse to let negativity rule your mind. This is the fastest way to kill your dreams, by allowing doubt and negativity to creep in. You have to know that you are capable of anything you set your mind to (this is where affirmations come in, affirmations are reminding yourself of who you are and what you are capable of).

5. Get back up: Things will get in the way, you will mess up, you'll get overwhelmed, you'll oversleep your alarm, you'll miss your workout...but what will you do when things don't go as you planned? The only way to succeed is to be willing to get back up a million different ways until you find the right one.

I will leave you with this thought: "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now." -Chinese Proverb

Whatever your dream is, take action & start manifesting it TODAY! I promise you will never regret starting earlier.

-Have you ever heard of manifesting? What is something that you are dreaming of/manifesting in your life? Let me know in the comments :)


Living in New York!

Sitting on the floor in our NY apartment with no furniture

Feliks starting his Instagram page :)

Our first trip in 2 years for ColorByFeliks!

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