How to Use Instagram Reels | Your Step by Step Guide

Yep, they’ve done it again – Instagram now has another new feature for you to learn about. The good news is that if you have a TikTok account it will be easier for you to grasp the concept of Instagram’s latest feature called Reels. Reels are basically Instagram’s version of TikTok. Reels allows you to record up to 15 second long videos and feel almost like a compilation of a few stories put together, allowing creators to be more authentic with their audiences. Instagram “rewards” creators for testing out their latest features by highlighting content made through Reels on the explore page and allowing these videos to be more likely to get exposure or go viral.

Generally, whenever Instagram releases a new feature you should do your best to understand how to use it if you would like to help your page grow. Instagram’s algorithm favors pages that test their new features, if you haven’t noticed yet, for Reels there is a huge box on the explore page for anyone using the new feature now. Therefore, you are much more likely to get new followers and people interested in the type of content you are putting out if you use Reels.

Table of Contents:

-The Basics of Using Reels

-Using Music on Reels

-How to Create a Reel on Instagram (Step by Step Tutorial)

Example of the large box Reels get on the explore page on Instagram
Large box Reels get on Instagram

The Basics of Using Reels:

You can view and create Reels by browsing through the explore page. Once you click into the “Reels” category on the explore page you can swipe up and down to navigate through videos.

When swiping down, the next video will begin to play. There are a couple of points I’d like to draw your attention to that I marked up on the photo below.

· The camera: if you click this it will take you to where you can create your own Reel. This is another way to start creating a Reel.

· Up & Down arrows: these are how you navigate through Reels, when you swipe up or down it will take you to the previous video or the next one.

· The heart: this is how you “like” a Reel

· The speech bubble: how you comment

· The arrow: this is how you can either share a video to your story or send to a friend

· The hearts & comments: this will allow you to see how many people have liked a video and will take you to the comment section where you can read what people are saying about a particular video

Using Music on Your Reels:

One last point before getting started with the tutorial; music! When you are done with your video you will be able to select a song to play during your new Reel video. You don’t need to worry about muting your sound during recording because when you add the music it will automatically mute the original sound.

There are a couple of options for music when recording a Reel video:

o You can use a sound from another Reel video you previously saw

o You can select your sound from the options in Instagram

o You can use the original sound that was recorded during your video and not add in any additional music, this is usually used when there is talking in your video

1. Using a sound from another Reel video you previously saw:

As you can see in the photo below I have circled the “sound” in the Reel video.

If you were to click this, an image such as this would appear:

You can then select “Use Audio” and then you will hear the audio playing as you begin to record your Reel video. You will see the audio as a small box right here in your screen:


2. You can select an audio track to play over your video once it is recorded on Instagram:

Once you select this music note, this screen will pull up on your phone allowing you to search for a song, browse through popular tracks being used and also if you click the play button next to the song you can hear a quick sample:

3. Finally, you can choose to use an original sound which means that you don’t add any music- this usually is selected when there is talking in the video or you want the sound to be heard as you are recording the video.

All right guys, let’s jump into the tutorial please let me know down below if you have any comments/questions!

How to Create a Reel on Instagram Tutorial (Step by Step):

1. Click on the “Home” button if you are not already there yet and then swipe from left to right on your home screen:

Once you get to the home screen you can either swipe from left to right or click on the “Camera” button in the upper left hand corner which you usually use for creating stories on Instagram. Your screen should then look like this:

2. Select “Reels” at the bottom of your screen.

3. Select which speed you’d like to record your video at. Do you want it normal speed (1x), faster (2x), or slower (.5x)?

4. Select if you’d like to add a filter to your video

5. Decide how you want to record; do you want this video to be set up on a tripod recording you hands free or are you going to be holding down the record button the whole time? If you want it to be hands free, tap the timer button below the filters button and this screen will pop up:

Move the highlighted pink portion to the exact amount of time you want the first section to record for. If you want to record everything all at once you would move this slider all the way to the end of the 15 second time period and then hit “set timer” when you’re ready. If you’re recording in multiple segments, just do this same procedure a few times until you complete the 15 second recording time. Say you select to record for 6 seconds on the first clip, it will automatically stop recording at 6 seconds then you just begin again for the next clip!

Don’t worry - you’ll even be given a cute little 3 second count down like this to allow you some time to get situated ;)

6. You will notice as you’re adding to your recording that this bar up here represents how much space you have left to record:

7. Once you have recorded a clip, you can decide to add stickers, text, save it to your camera roll and ultimately accept the clip and move on to recording the next one by clicking the arrow in the bottom right corner:

8. If you decide to add text to your video you can select for how long or when you want the text to appear in your clip. This method works similar to how we moved the slider to select how much time we wanted the timer to record for:

9. Finally, once you have recorded all 15 seconds of your video and are done editing; it is time to post!! Simply click the white arrow in the bottom right corner. You can then decide to post your Reel immediately or save it as a draft to post later.

10. On this screen you can:

i. Write your caption: describe what is in your video

ii. Change the cover photo: your cover photo can be selected from the video you just made or

uploaded from a previous photo you took it just needs to be 420 x 654 pixels.

iii. Decide if you want your video posted to your Instagram feed: Do you want your video to go to

your followers and the explore page or just the explore page? If you want it to only go to the explore page and not be posted on your page, you will need to “uncheck” the “also share to feed” button. You will know it is unchecked when it is grey and not blue. Remember: in order for your Reel to be shared on the explore page your profile MUST be public.

iv. Share your video! Woooo!! We made it to the final step. You can now share your video, nice work.

If you’re not ready to share it just yet, you can select “save as draft”

11. Say you weren’t ready to share your video immediately, that’s fine! Here’s how you can access it later and share it with all of your changes already made:

Ok, I think that covers Instagram’s new feature Reels and everything you need to know about it! I truly hope this could be useful to you and I’m excited to see how you’ll apply this new feature toward your online business. Have you started using Reels yet?

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions or if this was helpful for you :)


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