How to Stay Positive During Tough Seasons of Life

The other day I posted a story on my Instagram page sharing a letter that I wrote to myself while away on a work trip from my previous job. The retreat we went to was a getaway where at the end, they prompted us to write a letter to ourselves about what we had discovered or learned during our time away from normal life. Shortly after sharing this post, I received a direct message asking me "how is it possible to stay positive while writing something like this from a difficult time?" I wanted to share this question because I believe it is something each one of us has gone through or will go through...trying to keep a positive outlook when everything is so difficult.

During the time of writing this letter, it was a really tough season of life for me. I was overwhelmed with my school load, was unsure what the future had for me, I felt very lost and scared and on top of that we were definitely not financially stable.

I explained that during that time it took a lot of faith and endurance to believe that there truly is an abundance of opportunity in this world (even if I didn't personally experience it yet). Faith is the hope of things not yet seen, so it sounds crazy because you have to trust and believe what is not physically present...YET. In this letter, I was truly believing and speaking over my life what I wanted to come even

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though those things were so far out of reach in the circumstances I was experiencing.

It sounds easy to do this, but I understand it can be extremely hard on the days when you don't feel well. I remember there would be days that I would feel hopeless or cry out of the fear of not knowing what would come of our life.

If you can create a daily habit of writing out affirmations and encouraging verses or quotes and remind yourself of the truth of who you are and what you are capable of I promise it will help.

Personally, whenever I would get those negative thoughts I would recite these affirmations to myself sometimes even out-loud and remind myself that I am loved by God, that He will never leave me, that he promises peace and rest and abundance.

Believing and declaring the things you want over your life is so powerful because I believe we live in a spiritual world, there are many things we cannot physically see or understand with our senses. Many people overlook this, but negativity is all around us on a daily basis and if you don't stand against it and say "No! These things are not uplifting, loving, kind, etc" if you don't stand up to the negativity, it will consume your mind. Whatever consumes your mind, consumes your life.

Spend some time each day doing something that you love for yourself

Something that has really helped me during hard seasons is making it a point to do at least one thing per day or a few times per week that I love. At the time that I wrote this letter, it was hot yoga. Hot yoga was expensive so I had to find a way to cut back on my other expenses, but it was what gave me a little boost of joy during the day, and I think it's so important to incorporate things (no matter how small) into your days/weeks that will give you something to get excited about.

Be careful to not compare your circumstances to those of others

This one is HUGE and will play a big role in your level of happiness and contentment during difficult seasons. You will never feel completely fulfilled or content with your life if you are constantly comparing what you have or don't have to others. Something that is so important is to realize that what you are going through is just a season, just like whatever someone else is going through.

You will never be able to experience exactly what someone else is experiencing and that is okay! That's what makes you unique. There are certain things I remember comparing with others during that time of difficulty and wishing for things. Now, looking back, I realize that my journey is so different, and I am really happy with the way my life is now and that things didn't turn out the way that I had wished...different is good! While we're on this topic: let me just remind you that there is no timeline for your life!

Society and culture want to tell us that there is a specific time that you need to have finished college, make a certain amount of money, own a home, have children etc. Your story can be whatever you want it to be, so I will repeat myself: there is no timeline for your life! There will be a season for all these things if that is what you want but it's okay to have a different path and a different timing than others. Onto my next and most difficult point...

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Be patient

Oooh this one is tough. Really tough for me. As well as totally not sexy or appealing at all! Who wants to be patient? As much as I hate to say it, being patient is key.

Being patient does not necessarily mean sitting around and waiting for your circumstances to change, it means doing what you can with what you have and not rushing the results. Slow and steady.

There is always something you can learn or take away from each season of life. We go through the situations we encounter (good & bad) and we can either see them as a detrimental part of our journey or as a chance to take something away from it that we can grow from. The most important part is taking the time to step back from your problems and see what you can learn from this season.

I see my trials as a way for me to grow in different areas of my life that I can take with me to pass along to others, or be able to help someone going through something similar. Every person has different struggles in this life, but I believe that when you share with others it can possibly help someone else.

I hope you could find this post helpful & encouraging to you. How do you stay positive during tough seasons?

Let me know in the comments <3


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