Best Places to Visit Along the Oregon Coast

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Every year as a family we make it a point to visit a new place along the Oregon Coast and let me tell you...if you haven't ever been, you are missing out! The Oregon Coast is a pristine and beautiful coastline filled with tons of unique nature scenery, great seafood, and a laid back culture. One of my family's favorite things about the Oregon Coast is that you can dig a hole on the beach and make a fire wherever you want! So much fun. The best time to visit is during the Summer months June-September and because of the sea-breeze I always suggest to bring some kid of sweater and pants even during the warmer months, it can definitely get chilly in the morning and evenings.

Here is a list of places you must visit along the Oregon Coast:

On the balcony at our Airbnb in Rockaway Beach

1. Rockaway Beach: We visited Rockaway Beach for the first time this year and let me tell you, it did not disappoint! In fact, it was probably one of our favorite locations we've been (if not our favorite). Rockaway Beach is like the less touristy, cheaper and more nature-filled version of Cannon Beach. We didn't get a chance to hike on this trip but I also have heard that there are tons of hiking spots around here, so if you enjoy hiking and exploring; Rockaway Beach is for you!

Place to Stay: One of the main things that made our trip so memorable was the amazing place that we stayed. It was an Airbnb and the view was seriously like nothing I've experienced and probably half the cost of what you would pay for if it was in Cannon Beach.

Here is a link to the house we stayed in if you ever want to check it out. So clean, bright and open, INCREDIBLE views of the ocean. There is also a huge deck off the back of the house that you can sit on in the morning with your coffee and a book or stargaze at night.

Food/Drinks: During this trip, we brought most of our food from home in a cooler because we have a lot of different food preferences/sensitivities. For those of you who enjoy eating out or getting a coffee there are restaurants downtown and coffee places. The place that we went to that had great coffee was called Offshore Grill & Coffeehouse, they also serve breakfast/brunch which looked really good.

Scenery in Cape Kiwanda/Pacific City

2. Cape Kiwanda/Pacific City: Cape Kiwanda and Pacific City is another must-visit along the Oregon Coast. Cape Kiwanda is similar to Cannon Beach in that there is another Haystack Rock in the ocean (this one is actually bigger than the one at Cannon Beach) but also the landscape is very different and amazing for photos due to it being composed primarily of sandstone that is continually being carved out and changing shape from the ocean.

Food/Drinks: There is also a downtown area with much more food options than those at Rockaway Beach (I would compare it in size to the downtown of Cannon Beach). While we were there, 2 places really stood out to me. For coffee, we went to Stimulus Coffee + Bakery and for food we ate at Pelican Brewing Company, both great choices!

Places to Stay: Usually whenever we stay along the coast, our go-to is to book an Airbnb because there are usually about 6+ of us and it is the cheapest option. If you are going for a romantic getaway or want to get fancy, I'd highly recommend this hotel:

Skim boarding in Cannon Beach is a fun activity to do on a hot day! There are rental shops near the beach

3. Cannon Beach: Cannon Beach is a classic, if you have never in your life been to the Oregon Coast I would say you must come here first. It's almost like when you're buying outfits how you usually get the black version before diversifying, you know? Cannon Beach is the black in your wardrobe-classic and straight up beautiful.

Places to Stay: We have been here probably 3-4 times over the years, there are tons of amazing Airbnbs in the area but the key is to book early! Places here get snapped up really fast especially during the summer so I'd recommend booking as soon as possible, even like 6 months in advance if you can. If you are going to Cannon Beach for a romantic getaway and feel like splurging check out this gorgeous hotel:

Food/Drinks: There are tons of amazing options for eating out in Cannon Beach which is one of my favorite things about this area. Here are a few of our favorite places:

Driftwood Restaurant & Lounge-great seafood

Wayfarer Restaurant-nice meal with a view

Lazy Susan Cafe-amazing breakfast

Public Coast Brewing Company-yummy burgers

Sleepy Monk Coffee Roasters

Insomnia Coffee

Depoe Bay area! Beautiful coastal town. Image from:

4. Depoe Bay: We didn't actually stay in Depoe Bay yet but this is on our list of places we'd like to stay after driving down the coast this year! Depoe Bay is a gorgeous town right on the ocean. From what we saw, there wasn't a beach right in town, but there is an ocean view and beaches nearby. It is a different feeling from that of Rockaway Beach and Cannon Beach. Depoe Bay is known as having the smallest harbor in the world and for its amazing whale watching.

There is a downtown area with tons of cute shops and restaurants. We stopped in to get some kettle corn and coffee on our way down the coast and found an amazing coffeeshop! Left Coast Coffee Co; you must stop by and get a coffee here!

At the beach visting Strawberry Hill

5. Yachats: This place is a total hole-in-the-wall that most people don't yet know about, but I'm sure they soon will when the word gets out! Another place that we didn't stay at yet, but definitely on my mind for next time. Yachats is a small little town with the most incredible views of the Oregon Coast. The perfect place for a getaway with beautiful beaches and hiking nearby.

There is also a downtown area which has restaurants, it seems to have a similar vibe to that of Rockaway Beach. Not yet discovered by the masses with amazing viewpoints nearby. We stopped through at the grocery store here and then went down the road to a small beach/scenic viewpoint called "Strawberry Hill".

Stawberry Hill is part of the Cape Perpetua Marine Reserve and there are some tidepools here filled with sea-life as well as some sealions who hang out on the rocks here regularly.

I hope this could be a guide for you if you're ever able to visit the Oregon Coast and give some helpful tips for you. Have you ever been to any of these places? If so, what are your favorite spots?

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