6 Online Skills That Will Allow You to Quit Your 9-5 Job

There are so many possibilities these days working online and I wanted to show you a few of them. If you are open to learning a new skill or taking time to grow in one of these areas, you can be very successful working from home and create a job for yourself. Any of these skills will allow you to have your own schedule and work from your computer at home. At the end of this post, I’ll write more about where you can sign up to get paid for your skills and also how you can develop them.

1. Video Editing- there has never been a time when video editing was more needed. People are always looking for help editing footage for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook ads, and personal projects. If you know how to use Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere or any video editing software that you can create seamless edits; your work is needed!

2. Online Marketing & Sales- as more people are selling their products and services through online, there is more demand for help marketing to clients online. Whether it’s Facebook ads, Google ads, designing funnels in Clickfunnels, or even generating new leads for companies this is a very in demand skill.

3. Ghost Writing- with the explosion of the blogging scene and launch of ebooks and email marketing, companies are needing help with writing. If you are skilled in writing, this is definitely something to consider; skills like copywriting, proofreading, writing blogs for people, researching topics, being a ghostwriter for a book, and writing for email marketing are all potential options for jobs you might be interested in.

4. Website Development- everyone and their mother has a website these days. Most of them have no clue how to write and edit website code for websites such as WordPress and even Shopify. That’s where you would come in! For each website, clients can pay $800+ for your assistance.

5. Graphic Design/Animation/Illustration- a couple examples of jobs in this field are: designing ebooks, video animation for introductions on a YouTube channel or animating a whole video for someone, and helping someone design product packaging for their new product.

6. Translation/Transcription- many online businesses or companies have a YouTube channel or a podcast and want that audio transferred into text to use that audio content to create a blog post. This is where a transcription service comes in, you would transcribe the audio into text so that that person or company can use the text for other content such as blog posts. Translation is a great service as well, especially for YouTube channels, because if you are fluent in another language you can actually be paid to write captions on people’s videos in another language.

Where and how to get paid for these skills: the first place I always recommend is Upwork or Fiverr! Both of these websites are great places to build your portfolio and advertise your skills. Feliks and I often hire our contract workers through these websites and have found great talent through them both. I would recommend seeing what other people in your skill category are putting on their profiles and tailor yours to meet what it is that you have to offer that is different than others. Another tip would be to ask your friends/family if you can do some work for them in exchange for some reviews to get you started and build your profile.

Where and how to learn or develop these skills: start with YouTube!! YouTube is the best place to learn for free. You can essentially teach yourself any of these skills and eventually in each one of these categories that you are finding on YouTube, you will come across teachers that have more in depth courses or lessons available through their channel. I suggest you take online courses through teachers on YouTube and then practice your skills. Start out by charging less than your competition on Upwork or Fiverr (99Designs is also a great platform for those interested in graphic design/illustration) and as you develop your skills and build your portfolio you will be able to increase your prices as your work becomes more in demand.

I hope this post could share with you a few skills that you can do from home and be able to quit your 9-5. There are tons of other options ranging from personal assisting to book keeping and accounting and many others in between (see photo for a list of categories). I highly suggest that you look into the different options just by doing a quick look over on one of the websites I suggested such as www.upwork.com or www.fiverr.com

Are you skilled in any of these areas and working as a freelancer? Let us know down in the comments :)


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